I live in the Arkansas Delta with my husband, dog, cat and turtle. I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren by my first marriage and 2 step children, five grandchildren by my 2nd marriage.

I have 20 years experience writing copy for radio, television and newspaper plus 13 years experience owning a direct mail advertising print shop writing copy for direct mail, newsletters and brochures and now I am finally doing what I want to do!

If  you would like more information about my writing services please let me know!

Writing Experience


Blog of Asia.com

Bright Hub.com




 •Edited, wrote, published, and designed a monthly Chamber of Commerce magazine called Southern Hospitality for 6 years.

•Edited, wrote, published, and designed a quarterly Main Street Blytheville newsletter for 12 years.

•Edited, wrote and designed a newsletter for the Fine Arts Council for 6 years

•Wrote and designed award-winning newsletters for That Bookstore in Blytheville and The Rotary Bulletin

•Publicity chair for political events 10 years: sent Press Releases, contacted media in the area, etc.

•Publicity chair for All American Festival 5 years Sent Press Releases, contacted media in the area, etc.

•Promotions Chair for Main Street Blytheville, 3 years: Designed promotions, sent Press Releases, contacted media in the area, etc.

•Wrote copy and designed website for Charlotte Wagner for State Representative (website no longer exists) using SBC template

•Wrote copy and designed website for Jim McClain for State Representative (website no longer exists) using SBC template

•Wrote copy and designed website for First United Methodist Church using Front Page –website has since been changed.

•Wrote copy and designed website for Mississippi County Library System using Front Page—website has since been changed

•Wrote radio commercials, press releases and sales copy for radio station for 10 years

•Wrote sales copy for display and classified ads for newspaper for 6 years

•Wrote copy for television ads for 4 years

I presently have 2 websites: http://www.deltapathways.com in WordPress and http://hubpages.com/hub/BloggingLists on HubPages.

I was an English major in college.

Summary of Qualifications

• Proficient in: Pagemaker, Photo Shop, Corel Draw, Quick Books, Approach, Excel,

Word, Power Point, Publisher, direct mail programs, emails programs, Front Page, programs, Jing, Drop Box,

• Management, Inventory Management, Human Resources, Training, Advertising, Sales, Communications, Public Relations, Writing, Accounting, Promotions, Computer.




6 thoughts on “About

    • Lol! You found me! Yes, just like you, I’m all over the place, just don’t have as big of a repertoire, lol. This was the first thing I did when I started writing online in order to have a link to show to clients. Since WordPress didn’t pay and I didn’t have an audience, I went on to other things.

      Now that I have an audience (all of 14 views today, whoopee) I guess I need to update it, lol.

  1. Oh, of course I’m not cursing you for being sweet enough to look me up! Since I’ve started commenting more, I’ve had a few folks start following me on my wp blog and since I haven’t written here in ages, there’s nothing to follow! Which makes me think I should be doing something here, lol, in order to keep from losing the connection!

    The place I am concentrating on the most and where I could use some help, as you so graciously offered is my website http://www.howtofindworkfromhome.com/.

    Problem is, the only place you can comment right now is on the blog section of the website and no place to follow. In addition, when I reply, my reply doesn’t go to the person commenting which is a problem.So it’s still not ready for prime time, and is why I have not done everything I could to promote it. I know you and, in fact all of the writers that I have connected with are far beyond needing the beginner information that I offer there, but because you are more experienced in these matters than I am, your comments would be very valuable to both me and those just starting out. In addition, I plan to get to the point where I start linking to articles of the people I know who have written valuable information of interest to the beginner that will hopefully be of some benefit to the writer commenting. That’s the plan anyway, lol! Just not there yet.

    But thanks! I’m glad we’re connected too. I really enjoy your articles–particularly the series about Twitter. I think that kind of basic information is good for people starting out on Twitter—like me.

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